Kick Start 28 empowers you to achieve your goals through activity, rather than beating yourself up weighing or calorie counting.

Re-imagine goals targets every 28 days creating long lasting commitment and continued results

28 Day Cycle


Track your progress every step of the way with our unique graphs and statistics

Daily Active Calories Burned

500 of 1000 calories


24 hours online access plus fresh daily workouts on Facebook Live

24 hours access online to the 10-20 min K28 Workout Series plus fresh daily workouts on Facebook Live


Sessions Completed

Choose from 100s of healthy recipes, add to your weekly food planner complete with full shopping list

Healthy Eating Target

21 of 28 healthy eating days




8:30 am Ultimate Cardio 30 minsKarlOnline Only


8:30 am Dumbbell Mix30 minsSteveOnline Only


5:15 pm Cycle30 minsSteveOnline


8:30 am 25 Exercises30 minsDaveOnline Only


5:15 pm Cycle 30 mins SteveOnline




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5:00 am                            
5:30 am                            
6:45 am                            
8:30 am Ultimate Cardio 30 minsKarlOnline Only Dumbbell Mix30 minsSteveOnline Only     25 Exercises30 minsDaveOnline Only            
9:15 am                            
9:45 am                            
9:55 am                            
10:00 am                            
5:15 pm         Cycle30 minsSteveOnline     Cycle 30 mins SteveOnline        
5:30 pm                            
6:00 pm                            
6:45 pm                            
6:50 pm                            
7:00 pm                            

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